Please only take the box with your name on it.

Don’t forget to bring your own bags/boxes and leave the box with your name on it at the hub.

Daylesford members: Tim and Deri are soon starting their own CSA pick-ups at their house and now require that you collect your box within 24hrs. Please collect your fruit by Thursday evening or it may be given away.

– This week you’ve got ‘Greengage’ plums! They are the little green fruits at the top of your box. They are an incredible plum with a caramel flavoured sweetness similar to a date. Leave them at room temperature until they are soft and more of a yellow colour and they will be delicious. The squishier the better!

– You’ve also got some blood plum seconds in the 5kg share. These did not fair well in the extreme heat but are still perfectly fine for cooking up. The damage on the skin is just sunburn and does not effect the taste.

-Plus, Clingstone peaches are here! The yellow skinned peaches that look like big apricots are one of my favourite peaches (this week!..) They are traditionally used for bottling since they hold their shape when cooked, however, they also make great eating. The firm smooth texture is a pleasant point of difference to most other varieties.

Delivered 13 Feb:

3kg Share – Suggested price $20


Variety Weight(kg) Value
Peaches: Clingstone ‘T204’ 0.5 $4
Plums: Angelina 1 $6
Peaches: Julie 0.5 $4
Nectarines: Fantasia 0.5 $5
Plums: Greengage  0.5 $6
Total 3 $25


5kg Share – Suggested price $27

Variety Weight(kg) Value
Plums: Donsworth ‘2nds’ 0.5 $2.5
Plums: Greengage 0.5 $6
Plums: Angelina 1.5 $9
Peaches: Julie 1 $8
Nectarines: Fantasia 1 $10
Peaches: Clingstone ‘T204’ 0.5 $4
Total 5 $39.5


10kg Share – Suggested price $46


Variety Weight(kg) Value
Plums: Angelina 2 $12
Plums: Donsworth ‘2nds’ 2 $10
Peaches: Clingstone ‘T204’ 1 $8
Peaches: Julie 2 $16
Plums: Greengage 1 $12
Nectarines: Fantasia 2 $20
Total 10 $78