That’s all folks! CSA deliveries have now ended.  Thank you all so much for getting involved in our first ever CSA season!

*Please fill out the survey to help improve the community for next year.* It should take about 5min to complete and is an opportunity to actively participate in your food system. I’d love to get some insight into your experience of the CSA and to hear your ideas for how we can improve it for next year.



Your final CSA box contained a bunch of ‘Angelino’ plums. These plums are a firmer, more tart variety exacerbated by the fact that I harvested them slightly too early. They will ripen! If they are slightly astringent, just leave them on the bench and they will loose that. They will have a crunchy texture and balance of sweet and tart. The skin may start to wrinkle but that won’t affect the flesh inside. It is a sign that it’s ready to eat.

I have had a few people saying they are taking a long time to ripen which I thought might be a good quality for the final fruit boxes. I’ve also had a few people tell me they love them, however, if their tartness is not for you, try poaching them in shallow water with honey, cinnamon and star anise. Or try halving them and grilling them with honey, walnuts and prosciutto. You could also try stewing/jamming them or attempting this simple recipe for plum wine.

Apologies this information did not go out when the boxes did. I greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility in supporting a new farmer!


Delivered 30 Mar:

3kg Share – Suggested price $20

Variety Weight(kg) Value
Plums: Angelino 1 $8
Plums: Autumn Giant 0.5 $5
Pears: Packham 1.5 $12
Total 3 $25

5kg Share – Suggested price $27

Variety Weight(kg) Value
Pears: Packham ‘2nds’ 2.5 $12.5
Plums: Angelino 1.5 $12
Plums: Ruby Blood 0.5 $4
Plums: Autumn Giant 0.5 $5
Total 5 $33.5

10kg Share – Suggested price $46


Variety Weight(kg) Value
Plums: Angelino 3 $24
Pears: Packham ‘2nds’ 5 $25
Plums: Autumn Giant 1 $10
Plums: Ruby Blood 1 $8
Total 10 $67