Benefits for you

 As a CSA member, you will receive:

  • A diverse portion of the farm produce delivered to your local hub weekly between December and May.
  • First access to limited fruit varieties (such as cherries or Cox Orange Pippin apples).
  • An invitation to the annual members only day (an opportunity to provide feedback and get to know your farmer by touring the farm and feasting together)
  • Notification of farm workshops and events and discounted tickets (e.g. Juicing Day; Jam Day; Long Table Dinner etc).
  • The satisfaction of consciously choosing to support sustainable farming
  • The pleasure in being part of a collective movement that strives for change. See below.

Benefits for all

CSA aims to address the shortcomings of our modern food system and to reclaim food sovereignty by:

  • promoting environmental sustainability and animal welfare by holding farmers directly accountable to their consumers.
  • improving access to locally produced food and reducing ‘food miles’.
  • keeping control of the food system in the hands of the people as opposed to large agribusiness corporations.
  • building resilience into diversified farming systems.
  • bolstering rural communities, economies and addressing population decline.
  • providing appropriate and predictable income to growers.
  • revitalising food culture and reconnecting people to food traditions.
  • stifling food exports from poor to affluent countries.
  • decreasing depression and suicide amongst farmers
  • encouraging and supporting emerging farmers


Teikei Principles

'Partnership' Principles

CSA originated in the 1970’s in Japan. These are it’s guiding principles.

  • Principle of mutual assistance
  • Principle of accepting the produce
  • Principle of mutual concession in the price decision
  • Principle of deepening friendly relationships
  • Principle of self-distribution
  • Principle of democratic management
  • Principle of learning among each group
  • Principle of maintaining the appropriate group scale
  • Principle of steady development

See more detail at the Urgenci website.

CSA in action

Stories of success