If you are as excited about growing organic fruit as we are, then get involved! There are a few volunteer options available to those keen to participate.

Food Sovereignty Warriors

As an active optimist with a passion for changing the world through food system reform, Tellurian Fruit Gardens is a member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA). AFSA is a volunteer organisation that fights for our right to safe and nutritious food grown in ecologically sound ways and to democratically determine our food system. As the only organisation to represent small to medium scale farmers, AFSA is trying to take our food system back from the hands of transnational corporations and factory farms. To achieve this, we tackle everything from gender equality to seed and water rights. If you have a fire in your belly and want to join the movement of farmers and conscious eaters who are changing the world, then get in touch. Tellurian Fruit Gardens (and the farms of the other AFSA committee members) desperately need a small army of dedicated food sovereignty warriors to participate in a simple way – help us pick up the slack on the farm when we are busy representing Australian regenerative farmers and fighting the good fight. Alternatively, join AFSA, nominate yourself for the committee and get stuck in! 


Want to be a CSA member but can’t afford our minimum price? Looking for an alternative to money-based transactions? We love barter economies! We are seeking to exchange CSA shares (or anything else we offer) for some volunteer hours on the farm or other goods/services you have to offer. Please get in touch asap if you’re keen to make a trade.


Willing Workers On Organic Farms – WWOOFers. WWOOFers work 5 hours a day, 5 days a week in exchange for farm lodgings and meals, and are usually domestic or international travellers. WWOOFing generally includes an element of cultural exchange, however, we are open to locals or anyone else volunteering at Tellurian Fruit Gardens in this way.

Future farmers

Want to be a farmer? I know, who wouldn’t right? Tellurian Fruit Gardens is offering internships that are aimed at those who want to expand their knowledge of farming systems and food sovereignty. Interns are expected to work on the farm for 2-3 months and will garner a basic understanding of all the concepts that underpin organic fruit growing (eg. pest management, pruning, marketing etc). There is also the potential to spend time with the other farmers on the property (veggie growers and dairy producer). Get in touch if you’re keen to learn how to grow food!