Some of you may know that Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) as been steadily gaining a foothold in our region of Victoria. It has been confirmed in Bendigo in the last few years and was confirmed in Harcourt and Castlemaine last year. This year marks our first sightings on farm.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are taking steps to manage the potential outbreak using traps, organic baiting sprays and cold storage. Our aim is that no affected fruit leaves the farm however it is very difficult to see from the outside if there is any damage, as the skin remains intact.

If you find any affected fruit that you bought from us, please advise us ASAP. You can use the contact form on our website, send a text message or find us at the Castlemaine or Coburg Farmers Markets. We will be happy to replace it.

Any larvae that does make it off the farm inside our fruit should already be dead (due to a 14 day cold-storage witholding period) however as a precaution it could either be solarised (double-bagged in black plastic and left in direct sun for two weeks), frozen for two weeks, or microwaved in order to kill any eggs or larvae. Do not throw the fruit directly into the compost as the fly will complete it’s life cycle.

It is likely that it here to stay and that our farm, our local community and our broad community of fruit-eaters will have to learn to live with it. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to keep it off our delicious stonefruit.

Cheers, Ant.

Queensand Fruit Fly