‘Mariposa’ blood plums, and ‘Angelina’ plums are now available for to pre-order for collection at Castlemaine and Coburg Farmers Markets.


Our Certified Organic Mariposa Blood Plums are a fantastic all-rounder plum. They have a deep purple colour, they are juicy and sweet, sometimes with a slight bitterness in the skin.

They make an excellent jam that sets well and a wonderful sweet/savoury plum sauce, similar to tomato sauce (our ‘Blood Sauce’ is made from Mariposa ‘3rds’!).

As a semi-freestone variety, they are easy to get off the stone for bottling or stewing, or simply freeze them whole and use as needed. For the adventurous, they can be pureed and dried into fruit leather that is sticky and sweet. Many other varieties of plum are too tart for fruit leather.

Angelina plums and Mariposa blood plums.


Our Certified Organic Angelinas are a European amber fleshed freestone plum with purple skin. They are a small plum that kids love and are often referred to as ‘sugar plums’. They are great for fermenting into sweet country wine (see method here) or for cooking into cakes/pastries etc. They are perfect for making sweet European style dumplings (with a potato based dough).