A juice press for wine grapes

Come along to the Castlemaine Farmers’ Markets this Sunday to check out a juicing demo.

I’ve partnered up with community organisation Growing Abundance to show you what’s involved in juicing large quantities of fruit!

Normally, this demo would happen in April or May, but better late than never! Thanks to Hepburn permaculture gardens, Meliodora, we managed to scavenge 80kgs of left over apples.

Due to the ‘small’ qty we will not be using the big press (pictured below), but Speedy’s smaller press – designed for pressing wine grapes.

Our plan is to capture some juice for fermenting into cider, and some for mixing with last years’ cider vinegar to make a ‘shrub’ (a delicious and healthy old fashioned drink!).

Hopefully, we’ll get enough yield to give out some taste tests too. So come on down and check out our cold pressed juice.

If it’s raining we will be in the Ray Bradfield room or under a gazebo.

A commercial juice press