Gday everyone,

It’s that part of the season where plums begin to dominate the harvest (made worse by small nectarine/peach harvests as a result of leaf curl). Luckily, the Mariposas are excellent this year and Greengages are a special delight.

Part of our fruit fly mitigation strategy is to keep fruit in the chiller long enough that any potential fruit fly larvae will be dead. This means perhaps less variety in each box but it’s a small price to pay to help to reduce the spread of the pest. We harvested the ‘Julie’ peaches two weeks ago so they were ready to go out in your boxes this week.

Cheers, Ant.

What’s in the box?

  • Plums – Mariposa
  • Plums – Greengage
  • Peaches – Julie

Total value 3kg: $35
Total value 4.5kg: $54

See here for descriptions and tasting notes on some of the varieties.