Gday all,

This week you’ve got Angelino plums (firm, tart, dark blue/purple) and Purplegage plums (light purple, astringent when firm, sweet when soft). I haven’t had much success with the Purplegage as they have always been quite astringent and sour but I left them on the tree as long as possible so hopefully they will sweeten once they are soft. I have tried a few and they seem quite nice. That will probably be all you get of them so good luck!

There’s more snow apples plus some Cox Orange Pippin (woohoo!). The cox are one of my favourite as they are not very common but they are delicious. They have more density than the Gala/Snow so are not as ‘crispy’ but they have a beautiful flavour.

Cheers, Ant.

What’s in the box?

  • Plums – Angelino
  • Apples – Cox Orange Pippin
  • Apples – Snow
  • Plums – Purplegage

Total value 3kg: $30
Total value 4.5kg: $45

See here for descriptions and tasting notes on some of the varieties.