Gday everyone,

I had some feedback that the Julie white peaches you got two weeks ago were a little flour-y. That’s a result of having kept them in the chiller for a 12 day ‘holding period’ in an effort to reduce the risk of any QFF affected fruit leaving the farm. It’s a shame that the quality of some of the peaches was down but I am feeling reasonably confident that the situation is under control. We have only seen two flies in our male-attracting traps since the initial sighting and I have put out a few ‘bait’ sprays (in accordance with the Organic Standard of course) to control the female population. Please do let me know if you spot any affected fruit.

This week marks the beginning of what I hope to be a more successful apple harvest than the last two years. Having Maka in the apple orchard has proven to be not very effective. I already trained him to NOT chase roos so he’s not really interested in them anymore. However, the recent rains we’ve had means that things have ‘greened-up’ significantly so hopefully there is enough food in the state park so that the roos don’t need to come eat apples. I am still getting some damage but i’m feeling positive that i’ll get a decent harvest this year.

Cheers, Ant.

What’s in the box?

  • Plums – Amber Jewel
  • Plums – Coes Golden Drop
  • Peaches – T211 Clingstone
  • Apples – Gravenstein
  • Plums – Prune D’Agen

Total value 3kg: $30
Total value 4.5kg: $45

See here for descriptions and tasting notes on some of the varieties.