Gday all,

Only two weeks left after this week (final delivery 1 May)! I should have just enough fruit to get us through to the end, however I am out of boxes, so please pay extra care in keeping your boxes out of the rain and returning them each week.

The bulk of your boxes are now apples and pears which both store very well in the fridge. Pears need to be picked firm but will soften for those that don’t like a crunchy pear. The smaller, more smooth pears with the red blush are the ‘Corellas’ – they are particularly sweet. Leaving the Pink Lady’s a few days on the bench will allow them to sweeten up a little too.

Cheers, Ant.

What’s in the box?

  • Plums – Angelino 2nds
  • Pears – Packham
  • Apples – Pink Lady
  • Pears – Corella

Total value 3kg: $26
Total value 4.5kg: $38

See here for descriptions and tasting notes on some of the varieties.