Gday all,

Sorry it’s been a while since the last email update! I hope you’ve been enjoying the fruit boxes nonetheless. I’m very excited to finally be delivering you some apples. From now until the end of the season it’ll be plums, apples and pears.

The deliveries are intended to go until the end of April however it is a little season dependant so as soon as I know when the last delivery will be, i’ll let you all know. It’s not looking like a huge crop of pears this year so i’m not sure we’ll make it to the end of April but there are Pink Lady and Fuji apples still to harvest so it’s hard to know for sure. So far you’ve received $520/$750 worth of fruit for the 3kg/4.5kg boxes respectively.

This week you’ve got a bunch of Bramley apples (the large green ones). They are a sour ‘cooking apple’ which are great eaten fresh or sliced into salads if you like the tartness. Otherwise they are a popular variety for crumbles, pies, pastries, baking etc because they cook so well.

The Snow apples are an eating variety and are more on the tart side compared to the sweet Gala’s you’ve been getting. The Ruby Bloods have the classic tart/bitter skin of blood plums so allow them to soften if you’re not a fan. Otherwise they are a good candidate for stewing/preserving as they have beautiful red juice.

If anyone is an experienced fruit tree pruner or knows one who would like some casual work in Harcourt, please get in touch on 0457140001.

Next weeks delivery will be on the Friday afternoon (19th). I am yet to confirm the exact time but you will receive a message once it has been dropped off. With this cooler weather we have been having it won’t be a problem if you can’t collect until the Sat morning.

Cheers, Ant.

What’s in the box?

  • Plums – Ruby Blood
  • Apples – Bramley
  • Apples – Snow

Total value 3kg: $28
Total value 4.5kg: $43

See here for descriptions and tasting notes on some of the varieties.