Many hands man light work! With a small team of people taking it in turns on the shovels, we can turn a big job into a social activity.

We will ride around the orchard on the tractor with a trailer load of compost, putting a few shovels on each tree. A chance to visit the farm, participate in your food production, and also see where your fruit comes from.

Bring some food or drink to share for a potluck lunch. Home harvested/fermented/preserved/cooked is encouraged!

Please do not bring whole fresh produce – eg. a chopped tomato in a salad is ok but a whole orange is not. No dogs (we already have four on the property!).

Free event but registrations essential. 6 tickets left!

Register here

Pleas note: Fruit Fly Lockdown – No whole unprocessed fresh produce. eg. a tomato chopped into a salad is fine, a whole orange is not.